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Haynes Management Inc. is a Real Estate Management and Development Company that specializes in commercial office and residential properties in the suburbs of Boston (Wellesley & Newton ), Massachusetts and in southern and central New Hampshire. From our corporate office in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts, we manage twenty six office properties and three retail properties that totals just under one million square feet of commercial space.  Most of our properties have been designed to accommodate the small to medium size office tenant who requires 1,000 square feet to 10,000 square feet. Within our office portfolio, we service over 350 office tenants and we are dedicated to providing the best service possible in order to maintain long-term business relationships with our tenants.

The company was founded by G. Arnold Haynes in 1952 and specialized in the development of land in the Wellesley/Weston area and the construction of high quality homes. Arnold Haynes quickly became known for his high quality work and his attention to detail. The company then built upon this reputation and expanded the quest for quality into the commercial sector with its first acquisition in 1968 of a small office building in Wellesley Hills. Since then, Haynes Management has developed and currently manages forty three office properties, four retail properties and thirty residential properties. Included in our portfolio are several historic buildings whose exterior facades have been carefully restored while creating unique and attractive office interiors. This legacy for excellence has provided quality service to our many office tenants by anticipating the continually changing demands of today’s business and professional community.

We invite you to click on the portfolio section of our website to view our office properties, with detailed information on each one. To learn how we could be helpful in servicing your company’s commercial space needs through our brokerage division, construction division and management division, please click on our “services” section. Also, our “availabilities” section will provide you with a current list of our available office, medical and retail suites.

As always, we can be reached directly by contacting our corporate office.

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